Two yellow flowers 2I utilize an integrated, holistic approach with each client I meet with. This means that I am able to take the best, most appropriate measures from each of the counseling theories and apply them to my clients’ situations. That said, I do tend to utilize some theories more than others, those being Family Systems Theory (understanding yourself in relationship to the family you have come from), Cognitive-Behavioral Theory (the way in which our thoughts, both healthy and unhealthy, affect our behavior), and Attachment Theory.  I also draw from Gestalt practices (utilizing the here and now)  and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (practicing acceptance and mindfulness).

My goal is to provide a safe environment where my clients can heal and grow. In some cases, this can be a relatively short process while in others, a longer-term approach might be more appropriate. In either case, I will always journey with you as far as the road may take us.